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Every product manufactured at Panthera Dental comes with a customized warranty card for your patient. No matter which health professional is being consulted, this card gives the patient access to all the information relevant to his/her case.


Every product manufactured at Panthera Dental comes with a customized warranty card for your patient. No matter which health professional is being consulted, this card gives the patient access to all the information relevant to his/her case.

The patient’s personal identification number allows us to track the following information:

  • Date of manufacture
  • Product type

  • Number of implants

  • Implant manufacturer(s) and model(s)

  • Screw number(s)

  • Number of attachments and manufacturer names

  • Original scan and design file

1. Warranty on Implant-Supported Products

1.1 Scope

Implant-supported products manufactured by Panthera Dental meet high-quality standards. In order to fulfil its commitment to quality and client satisfaction, Panthera Dental provides a warranty against any defects in materials and workmanship for its implant-supported products. If such defects occur within the warranty period, Panthera Dental will manufacture a new product without any additional fees and bear the shipping fees.

1.2 Warranty Period

The duration of the warranty for implant-supported products varies depending on the material used for the product. Bars, copywaxes, double structure bars, and abutments made of cobalt-chrome or titanium come with a 25-year warranty. Zirconia and PEEK products are covered by a 5-year warranty. Products made of PMMA have a one-year warranty.

The warranty provided by Panthera Dental will come into force on the date of manufacture and expire at the end of the warranty period, to the nearest month. The six numbers in the center of the warranty card indicate the month and the year on which the warranty expires.

1.3 Exclusions

The warranty excludes screws and attachments. Panthera Dental reserves the right to cancel the warranty if the product has been significantly altered. In no case shall Panthera Dental cover costs related to labour, the patient’s dental restoration, or the prosthesis. Panthera Dental will not be liable for other associated costs either, including but not limited to, professional fees, laboratory fees, loss of profit, costs related to prostheses, etc.

1.4 Claim Procedure

To claim the warranty for an implant-supported product, please return the product to our facility and contact our customer service while making sure you have the patient’s customized identification number. Upon validation of the provided information, Panthera Dental will quickly manufacture and deliver a new product.

2. Implant Warranty

In no event shall Panthera Dental be liable for manufacturing or material defects in one or several implants. However, if the implant failure is due to the placement of an implant-supported product made by Panthera Dental, Panthera Dental will reimburse the actual market value of the implant(s) to the client by cheque. The Panthera implant warranty is equal in duration to the one of the implant manufacturer, up to 25 years. The following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The implant manufacturer refuses to honour its warranty exclusively due to the use of a Panthera Dental product;
  • It is demonstrated that the placement of the Panthera Dental implant-supported product is the primary cause for the implant failure;
  • The implant failure was reported within 30 days following its occurrence.

In those circumstances, the implant(s) will be reimbursed by Panthera Dental and a new product will be manufactured, free of charge. Panthera Dental will also bear the shipping fees. Every implant brand available on the market is covered by this warranty.

2.1 Exclusions

This additional warranty on implants does not apply in the following situations:

  • The product manufactured by Panthera Dental has been altered;
  • The failure results from an accident, a trauma, or any other damage caused by the patient or a third party;
  • The patient suffered from contra-indicated conditions to implant integration, such as uncontrolled diabetes, diseases related to alcoholism, etc.;
  • Generally accepted procedures and standards related to implantation or Panthera Dental products were not observed.

2.2 Claim Procedure

In case of implant failure, please contact our customer service within the following 30 days. A representative will explain the following procedure.

The broken implant(s) and the Panthera Dental product must be returned to our facility. A written claim must be send by mail or e-mail. The claim must provide details regarding the implant failure in order to demonstrate it was caused by the installation of the Panthera Dental implant-supported product.

Afterwards, if every condition above is met, Panthera Dental will send a cheque to the client. The amount of the cheque will include the market value of the implant(s) on the date of the failure and the shipping costs incurred by the client, if applicable. Panthera Dental will manufacture a new implant-supported product to replace the one responsible for the failure and sent it back to the client, free of charge. Every step will be performed as soon and as quickly as possible.



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