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Removable Revolution

What if there existed a bar that could be removed by the patient to allow easy cleaning and that still offered the same benefits as every other fixed restoration? This is Panthera’s newest project. Our vision: offering the perfect balance. Welcome the new CAD/CAM IB bar.



The first step consisted in making custom abutments to adjust the angle of the implants up to 30° in order to make the whole restoration perpendicular to the occlusal plane. This is the role of this first piece that can be adapted to a wide range of implant connections.



The second piece is used to offer adequate support for the IBTM bar. Since we always try to maximize your solutions, this piece is available in 2 heights for a perfect fit with your restoration. There is no screw hole since Panthera has developed a special screwdriver to screw the piece directly in the patient’s mouth. By doing so, we make the cleaning easier for your patient.



A special nylon developed by serves as the retention element that keeps the part in place. This nylon is available in 3 different colors that range from extra soft to strong retention, so you may choose the proper retention for your patient. Even though they are easy and inexpensive to replace, these nylons will last for a long time because the tension is distributed evenly thanks to the parallelism between each part of the IBTM bar.



The final part of the IBTM bar includes the cylinders and the nylons. The established procedure consists in gluing the part to the bar to ensure the parallelism of all abutments. The nylons can easily be changed without damaging the prosthesis. Every detail has been taken into consideration to create an impeccable product.

Integrated bar

The Integrated BarTM Product Line – Adapted to Your Patient’s Lifestyle

The perfect All-on-X conversion solution for a wide range of patients.

As always, at Panthera, we adapt our products to your art, not the other way around. The bar will still be designed to follow your prosthesis.
Furthermore, since multiple nylon and magnetic retention forces are available, you can always make it easier for your patients
to remove the bar to better suit their lifestyles.

At Panthera, we consider the IBTM Family to be one of our greatest achievements and we think that creating such fine products was made possible
by paying close attention to our customers’ needs: your needs.

Thanks to the conical magnets, the Magnet-X offers stable forces,
lateral guidance and stability and easy handling for patients with less dexterity.

Thanks to the conical magnets, the Magnet-X offers stable forces, lateral guidance and stability and easy handling for patients with less dexterity.

How to work with Panthera

Three different workflows with the same high-end quality result

How to work with Panthera

Three different workflows – Same high-end quality result


You Scan
We Design

You Design
We Manufacture

Discover our workflows

Some product may not be available with the You Scan, We Design and You Design, We Manufacture workflows. Visit our Online Prescription System or contact our support team for all details.


Panthera Dental products are compatible with more than 700 platforms and counting.

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25-Year Warranty

Your patient has invested a considerable sum for a high quality restoration.

Like you, we take his/her well-being to heart and we offer peace of mind with the 25-year warranty on our metal bars.

For the next quarter century, Panthera Dental will honor this promise of quality and impeccable craftsmanship with its exclusive product warranty card.*

*All parts are covered by the warranty, except the nylons. For more information, contact our customer service.

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