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Find all documents on Panthera Dental products, such as instructions for use, brochures and procedures, below :

Instructions For Use (IFU) – Sleep Division

IFU D-SAD (L-001V09)
FR/EN/DE/ES/IT/NL/KO (2022-10)

IFU D-OCA (L-042V01)
FR/EN-UK | FR/EN-EU (2020-11)

Instructions For Use (IFU) – Prosthetic Division

IFU Panthera Dental Milled Bar (L-058V01, formerly L-007)
FR/EN/DE/ES/IT (2022-02)

IFU Panthera Ball Abutment (L-058V01, formerly L-005)
FR/EN/DE/ES/IT (2022-02)

IFU Panthera Screwdriver Bit (L-058V01, formerly L-012)
FR/EN/DE/ES/IT (2022-02)

Instructions For Use (IFU) – Implant Division

IFU Panthera Dental CAD/CAM Subperiosteal Implant (L-016V01)
FR/EN-UK | FR/EN-EU | IT (2019-12)

SCANNING PROTOCOL Panthera Dental CAD/CAM Subperiosteal Implant (L-015V01)
FR | EN (2018-08)

OPERATIVE PROTOCOL Panthera Dental CAD/CAM Subperiosteal Implant (L-014V01)
FREN (2018-08)

To download and read an Instruction for Use you need to have installed a PDF reading software on your computer.
In order to get a free printed copy of an Instruction for Use or in case of any comments or questions, please contact us. The requested printed paper IFU will be provided within 7 calendar days of receiving the request.
No communication will be sent when an Instruction for Use gets replaced with a new version. Always consult this page for the latest version.

ISO Certifications

All our products are developed and produced in a certified ISO 13485 manufacturing facility.


This is the Instruction for Use archive section, which shows former versions of the Panthera Dental IFUs. The IFUs in this archive section are replaced by the new versions available in the above Download Center.

Archive – Instructions for Use (IFU) – Prosthetic Division

IFU Panthera Dental Milled Bar (L-007, archives of L-058V01)
V07 – FR/EN/IT (2019-12)
V06 – FR/EN (2018-06)
V05 – FR/EN (2017-01)
V04 – FR/EN (2016-10)
V03 – FR/EN (2016-07)
V02 – Never released
V01 – FR/EN (2016-05)


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