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The following is a list of third-party trademarks and service marks. In order to improve readability, Panthera Dental does not use ™ or ® in the running text or on pictures of this website, nor for its own marks nor for the marks of third parties. By doing so, however, Panthera Dental does not waive any rights to its own marks and fully acknowledges rights of third parties to their respective marks.

Trademarks of different companies

  • 3i®, Biomet®, Biomet 3i™, Certain®, Miniplant®, NanoTite™, Osseotite®, Osseotite XP® and Prevail® are trademarks of Biomet 3i, Inc.
  • Ankylos®, Frialit® and XiVE® are trademarks of Dentsply Friadent Group.
  • Apliquiq®, Inicell® and SPI® are trademarks of Thommen Medical Group.
  • Astra Tech® and OsseoSpeed™ are trademarks of Astra Tech Group.
  • Bredent™ is a trademark of Bredent GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Camlog® is a trademark of Camlog Biotechnologies Group.
  • Dalbo® and Dolder® are trademarks of Cendres+Métaux SA.
  • Etkon™, Roxolid®, SLA®, SLActive® and Straumann® are trademarks of Straumann Group.
  • Restore®, Stage-1®, Renova® and PrimaConnex® are trademarks of Lifecore Biomedical Group.
  • Locator® and Zest® are trademarks of Zest Anchors Inc.
  • Zimmer® is a trademark of Zimmer Group.
  • Semados® is a trademark of © BEGO Implant Systems GmbH & Co. KG.
  • BIOHORIZONS, AutoTac and MinerOss are trademarks of BioHorizons, Inc.
  • Legacy™, ScrewIndirect®, ScrewPlant®, ScrewPlus® and Swish™ are trademarks of Implant Direct Store.
  • Replace Select™, Branemark System® and NobelActive™ are trademarks of Nobel Biocare.
  • SEVEN® is a trademark of MIS Implants Technologies Ltd.
  • Clinic® and EVL® are trademarks of SERF Dedienne santé.
  • In-kone®, Krestal® and TwinKon® are trademarks of Global D.
  • All logos are trademarks of their own companies. Panthera Dental is not associated with any of the companies listed above.


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