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One Year Later | Julien Bory

A year ago, I received a call from Béatrice Robichaud of Panthera Dental. I found out that day that the jury had deemed my work worthy of the 2018 Master Cup title. I remember the night hours spent remaking, refining, testing, going back to finally get results that gave me satisfaction. I can still recall looking at the coloration of the models that I had to redo three times or the color of the black stone that had to go through several coloring tests until I found a stable solution, and even the satin finish I wanted to achieve on the surface of the models and setting them up in the articulator.
My thoughts naturally go to my father who passed on to me his knowledge, his love of detail, and the desire to develop my abilities to the highest level. I wish he could have witnessed this achievement. I know he was already proud of what I was able to accomplish during his lifetime.
Panthera Dental’s exceptional communication work for the announcement of the news gave me unprecedented visibility. I had already acquired a good reputation in the dental field following my participation in the Candulor contests.
Winning the 2018 Panthera Master Cup allowed me to increase this notoriety and get better recognized by my peers. As an Ivoire Santé Dentaire denturist, this mainly makes a difference for my customers. My goal is to give my patients the most highly esthetic creations. When they see in the waiting room the contest prosthesis displayed next to a video of the award ceremony, it gives them confidence in their professional. This also attests to my competence in the minds of the trainees participating in the courses I organize about lingual set-up and coloration.
Then, there is the participation the next year as a judge: being on the other side and being able to examine in detail the work of the participants was a marvelous experience. Much less stressful, even though it was a huge responsibility. I remember the pressure I had put myself under during the contest and the relief I felt when it was finally time to send everything by mail, but there is none of that when you judge. All we have to do is be fair while scoring the different criteria. On that regard, if I can leave participants with one piece of advice, please go through the list of criteria that you receive. It is exactly the same that we use to judge, so if you see that there is no contact on the working side or on the balancing side, members of the jury will see it too, so make an effort to create contacts.
I strongly encourage all dental art professionals to embark on this fabulous adventure. It will provide you with an opportunity to reach unexpected levels of improvement.
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