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What does the industry say about Panthera?

Through these testimonials you will find out all the benefits of adding Panthera Dental to your product portfolio.

Watch the individual testimonials here bellow

What does the industry say about Panthera?

Watch these testimonials featuring real clients that are as passionate as we are about dental, medical and sleep breathing disorder solutions. Find out all the benefits of adding Panthera Dental to your product portfolio.


Margaret Wibberley, DT
John Wibberley, CDT

“It’s the team that you’ve got, the knowledge of the whole team. Everybody knows exactly what they’re doing.” John Wibberley

Dennis Urban, CDT

“We change lives everyday for patients because of the functional (behind the scenes) know how of a company like Panthera.”

Dr. Erin Elliott

“The Panthera appliance itself is my go to appliance because it’s not only really lightweight but it’s strong, it doesn’t break. It’s virtually indestructible.”

Dr. Benoit Griffet, DDS

“It’s a device that gives me complete satisfaction, in terms of results and patient effectiveness.”

Dr. Maguy Levy, DDS

“I love Panthera products. I really like this product because of its rigidity, as well as the easy ordering and logistics processes that have made my life easier.”

Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS, MS

“I like the company, I like the precision. The materials are very good materials. So, if I have someone who is a heavy bruxer, I will go with Panthera.”

Arian Deutsch, CDT

“There is a matter, in my opinion, of elegance. When we receive cases from Panthera, they are truly elegant in design and also finish, just a beautiful finish.”

Dr. Julia Cohen Levy, DDS

“The design of the device is extremely detailed. The fact that it’s slim and feels light in the mouth can be an important factor in patient acceptance.”

Jesse Kosnitzky

Panthera is by far my favorite. They are super responsive, the are really creative in their approach, they are just… first class company.”

Dr. Gilles Besnainou, ENT

“I’ve had the opportunity to fit many devices, that made me realize that French prefer nylon products over the acrylic ones. I immediately adhered to Panthera’s products”

7,500 loyal customers in 35 countries

After 10 years of active sales and marketing in Canada, the United States and Europe, Panthera has approximately 7,500 loyal customers across 35 countries, including renowned customers such as:

Mayo Clinic, Université de paris, U.S. Air force
Université Laval, Canadian Force, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
IRSM, New York Proton Center
UCLA, University of Toronto
UCLA, University of Toronto
Health System University of Michigan, University of Manchester
UCLA, University of Toronto
Panthera Prosthetic

Prosthetic Division

The Prosthetic division offers the widest variety of CAD/CAM dental prosthetic products on the global market and is renowned for its unprecedented product quality and its ability to offer the most comprehensive compatibility of implant connections and platforms.

All Panthera Prosthetic products are 5 μm precision manufactured using high-speed 5 axis milling or CNC turning manufacturing and a wide variety of medical materials.

Panthera Sleep

Sleep Division

The sleep division designs and manufactures cutting-edge custom-made medical devices for sleep-related breathing disorders such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea and bruxism.

All Panthera Sleep products are produced using proprietary design software, industrial 3D printing processes and medical grade polyamide type 12, a biocompatible, highly durable and versatile nylon.

Panthera Implant

Implant Division

The Implant division offers a new range of personalized implant and cranio-maxillofacial products as well as anaplastology solutions. Panthera has developed the CAD/CAM Subperiosteal Implant, a new custom implant used for dental restorations where standard implants have lower success rates.

All products are custom-made, designed and manufactured for each patient using proprietary CAD/CAM processes, high-speed 5-axis milling and metal 3D printing.


Canada (HQ)

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G2B 0S6
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22343 La Palma Ave, Ste 128
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USA 92887
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38 rue Jean Mermoz
78600 Maisons-Laffitte
+ 1 (418) 527-0388


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latest news and promotional emails.

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